The projects that started it all

Practice certainly does make you better.

I learned to sew my own clothes within a year- I do attend school full time and work as a nurse part time, however within that tightly packed schedule I did find time to explore a skill that I love and enjoy.  My mother sews beautifully and yet, just like her Russian she never taught me 🙂 She did however insist on the piano! I remember watching her create wonderful creations (among many were the best Halloween costumes known to any child).

I have always admired beautiful clothes, women who know how to dress their bodies well and great fabrics & prints. My cousin Nika’s husband Mike, a true Renaissance man, showed me how to use a gifted 247 Singer and that was it!

Here are a few of my firsts…..before I got any good 😉 (not shown, some precious gifts I made for some of my friends and families- which they accepted gratefully, with love)

Projects during the fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters.

Wool knit sweater blouse with 3/4 length sleeves w/ elastic cuffs.

October 25 2013


Wool knit sweater/blouse.
Wool knit sweater/blouse.


image (6)image (8)image (9)

I then  altered a dress pattern, using the top portion making it a sweater blouse. I used some fun fabric I found at a church bazaar.



Productive study break  Paisley & knit ballet style dress by DIY DIXIE.


It feels incredibly sweet wearing the clothes you’ve made to work. Almost like fantasy world meeting reality but then again, most people did this not long ago and it was just part of life. I made this with discount bin green stretchy ribbed fabric for the bodice and the sleeves from a mustard polyester with brown victorian floral details- a unique combo for the fall months.

T-Shirt mini dress by DIY DIXIE, also can be found at Burdastyle

1380530_10153381388490300_1250068749_n 530545_10153593310755300_866198067_n

 I bought a new blouse pattern from Burdastyle– I tweaked the pattern, as I usually tend to do, dolman sleeves with a gently gathered hem- slightly cinched with a thin elastic so it comes in nicely at the waist.


I bought this Burdastyle Knit V Neck Tunic pattern but wasn’t too sure about the suggested fabric- the furry knit just isn’t my style but I was really into making this fit of tunic. I ended up selecting this lovely slinky medium weight floral fabric I’ve been saving for something special.

I used the pattern for the front, the back and the sleeves but opted out of the facings/bias tape. I also pinned the back, cinching the waist slightly with some brown leather straps I had lying around. I provides that little bit of sexiness, showing off the curve of my mid section but maintain the casual and comfy fit of the loose upper section.

front back

I used the Burdastyle summer shorts pattern (without the lining) and made some for my brothers & boyfriend. 
I used fabric with fun prints to quirk them up a little 🙂


photo (3) photo 1 (2)

I used the top section from DIYDixie’s Ballet dress, enlarged the collar, lengthened the bodice and added scalloped velour banding to the bottom hem and voilà!

(sewn to the soundtrack of the 90’s- Gin Blossoms, Alice in Chains and Singles soundtrack)


March 2014

I made this in 30 mins. From cutting the fabric to wearing it!
I’m making my way through the Alabama Studio Sewing & Design book. For this freezing cold March week, I chose to begin with this cosy Tied Wrap number- I opted for a double layer using a woven knit blend of navy, grey & yellow & navy ties.

I made another last night. I found beautiful pashminas on sale, 2 X 16$. I bought a black one and a burgundy and brown floral one. It’s a great reversible number.

chanin4 chanin3 chanin2 chanin

April 2014

New top inspired by the layout of the Burdastyle dolman top– I’ve had this lovely Eastern European-esque fabric for a while now but I had too little of it for most projects. I extended her length with some checked fabric & voilà!




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