Double-layered lace w/ floral embroidery tank top

I’m always perfecting my pattern for the double layer Tashenka lace tank top!

photo 1Here is the 2nd lace Tashenka tank top, this time done a little differently. I used a beautiful thin white cotton fabric with detailed embroidery for the under layer instead of doing double lace layers. I’ve had this fabric for a few years now and I was never quite sure what to pair it with as it’s rather sheer. I always thought it would compliment a tunic or dress pattern nicely as it has an Indian-esque look to it. The other night I was tidying my sewing table and the cotton fabric fell onto the floor. Like most great Ah-ha! moments, it was by chance the bundle of ivory lace tumbled off the table as well, landing on top of the cotton. And voilà, it just looked right! A true random pairing.

photo 3

photo 5

photo 2

The top layer is a stretchy off-white lace and very see-through on its own. I find it works perfectly paired over the cotton material. I love the subtle way the floral turquoise embroidery design comes through and plays well with the soft, textured & romantic style of the ivory lace.

Again, no undershirt necessary, can be worn with just a bra underneath.

It’s still not quite perfect.

The sizing is pretty spot on and the way I layer the two pieces works well, however I wasn’t thrilled with the boxiness of my original design. The seam bunchiness for the bottom hem/bandeau meeting joint is a little too much. Boxiness and bunchiness, ah!


I love the pink tank I had made in August yet the boxiness of the bottom hem isn’t my favourite. Here I cut a separate piece of material, adding a bandeau finishing. I felt that it gave a little more shape to the waist region. Next time I’ll make the bandeau a little more snug at the bottom so it gathers it in more tightly. I’ll also be sure to play around with it before sewing it on. Sewing with lace is like writing in stone- no stitch ripping is ever possible. The bunchiness I can fix by sewing the hem to one layer of the bandeau and not two. 3rd times a charm, right?

Any suggestions? They are always welcomed.

All lace I use is purchased from the lovely Samantha of FABULACE!


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