The Nettie Bodysuit

Yesterday was the first day of fall. In honour of this cooler and colourful season, I made my first Nettie bodysuit (size 6). I purchased the pattern from Montréal designer Heather Lou‘s Closet Case Patterns. I certainly got my 12$ worth, the pattern set is brilliantly versatile. There are multiple neckline and sleeve variations as well as the option to turn the bodice into a dress (there’s even the option to insert a shelf bra into the bodice!)

photo 1 (20)

photo 4 (13)

The pattern recommends using a 4-way stretch fabric however for my test run with this new pattern I opted for a  2-way stretch deep green/black checked polyester I found for $4 in the linen section at Village de Valeurs. I had just enough to put this number together so I opted out of the neck and leg bindings. I decided to use interfacing to create structure for the necklines. Four-way stretch fabric is recommended as there needs to be enough vertical stretch to be a comfortable bodysuit. I solved this little issue by inserting a few inches of stretchy black lace to the crotch. I did not insert snaps but I believe I will for convenience.

photo 2 (21)photo 3 (16)

photo 2 (19)photo 3 (15)

Bodysuit paired with a skirt.

photo 5 (7)


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