The Harvest Dress

My Tashenka Harvest dress- I really love this combination of fabrics! The prints contain beautiful deep fall tones which I feel compliment one another even though they are distinctively different in their texture.

photo 2 (23)

The bodice portion is made with a floral non-stretch cotton circa 1970’s. I bought a few yards of it from Vicki, a vintage fabric seller on Etsy. I inserted a 30cm zipper into the bodice to compensate for the lack of stretch. The skirt portion of the dress is a soft deep green corduroy with black & white flecks. I found this velvety ribbed fabric with a mild two-way stretch at Deyla on Casgrain up on the Plateau.

photo 1 (19) photo 2 (20)

What I learned:

The next time dress I make with non-stretch fabrics or those with minimal stretch, I’ll insert a longer zipper that unzips to my hips. Here the zipper stops at the waist which is just silly. Let’s just say getting into this dress takes a little more effort than one would like. Lesson learned! I would like to highlight that my zipper-inserting-skills have improved greatly. My mother and I were at Fabricville last week and I picked up a zipper roller foot to facilitate easy zipper insertions.

photo 4 (12)


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