SALME flared (mini) skirt

Yesterday, while I prepared for midterms, I created the SALME flared mini skirt on my study breaks. I’ve put mini in parentheses as I opted for the size 6 with the size 18 length. I felt the added length provided me with more options on where I could wear her. I feel comfortable pairing it with my oxfords and a cardigan for class, with heels and a top for a night out or ballet flats and a blouse at work (not shown).

photo 2 (19)

photo 4 (12)

I used a plaid/tartan fabric I found at La Gaillarde for under 5$. I suppose it was either my one year stint at Trafalgar school for girls or perhaps an affinity for men in skirts, but I knew this material was destined to be a skirt when I bought it. I was just waiting for a suitable pattern. I chose this pattern as it provided the skirt with more movement and body, unlike that of a kilt.

I tweaked the pattern slightly. I used a 30 cm zipper, as a oppose to the 15 cm recommendation, as it was all I had on hand in a suitable colour. I opted out of the waistband as I ran out of material. I quite like the thin hem for the waist I made instead.

photo 3 (15)

This is a great pattern, especially for someone learning to sew. It’s clear and the skirt relatively fast to create. Next time I’ll make a size 4 as I’d prefer the skirt to sit a little higher and be slightly more fitted. I’d also be curious to see how she would turn out using a heavier weight fabric, something with more drape to it, as the skirt can poof around the hips a little. For balance, I recommend pairing her with a fitted top, highlighting your true waist.

What other types of fabrics would you use with this pattern?

photo 1 (19)

Thank you, Anna from Le Fil à Coudre d’Anna, for the inspiration & pattern link. She executed this skirt beautifully a couple weeks ago in a bright red fabric.


5 thoughts on “SALME flared (mini) skirt

  1. Nice job using plaid fabric; this can be tricky. The black leotard pairing is a lovely choice; BRAVO on the cardigan look! The colours are referenced nicely – great job Tashenka, on the skirt and your vision for it’s potential!

    1. Thank you so much for saying so!! And yes, plaid can certainly be challenging- lining up the lines can drive someone nuts!! s-)

    1. Awww, thank you, Anna! I’m planning on doing another Salme pattern, have you ever tried the cropped blazer? And yes, those are shoes are my favorite ones- I had rubber heels added for added comfort 😉

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