Brief break from sewing for exams

This past weekend was dedicated to studying, she writes disappointedly. Exam sessions are the worst. I love (most of) the material we’re covering this semester but unfortunately it leaves little time for one of my favourite past times. And no one wants to sew with a guilty conscious.

I haven’t been able to sit down with my Singer for five days now. I can feel the withdrawal pains already, far more difficult than my month in Vietnam this summer, as I walk by the machine many times throughout the day. Terribly frustrating. The last items I sewed last week, after my Salme Skirt, were the hems of my older brother Cassady’s work pants & fixing his PJ pants.

Let me side step a little from sewing to wine. Cass is a sommelier and works on the Norman Hardie vineyard in Prince Edward County. October is a busy time of year, as the harvest brings with it very long days and nights. By the way, a visit to Prince Edward county should be on everyone’s must-list for next Spring/Summer. I had the pleasure of visiting my brother on the vineyard a few Sundays ago and I’m convinced- there are few things that beat a day out in Ontario’s Wine Country. There are many great wines to taste in the neighbourhood & Norman Hardie’s pizza restaurant serves up some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Our friend Maggie co-runs her family’s vineyard The Grange nearby- a lovely spot where you can get delicious lunch treats in a  picnic basket and lounge on their beautiful property.

photo (22)
The Grange Vineyard cellar
Norman Hardie pizza restaurant (my brother: black hat, black shirt, under the umbrella!)
photo (26)
Norman Hardie
Drinking tasty Riesling at Norman Hardie with Etienne

photo (27)

Now I hope the Norman Hardie crew aren’t giving my brother too hard of a time for the little tags of love I sewed onto his back pockets! Haha!

Sewing resumes on Wednesday!


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