Cozy Cottage Dress

I was cruising the Burdastyle website last weekend and I came across this comfortable looking pattern, the Knit Dress Sloper. I was not disappointed! Paired with a soft & warm blue/black knit from Fabricville, this dress will be the perfect outfit for this Sunday’s Thanksgiving feast up at my mom’s cottage.



I followed the directions to a T this time, much to the surprise of my boyfriend. He’s always complaining that I tend to make recipes my own when, in his opinion, one should always follow the recipe the first time and then bring their own modifications to the table. In his defence, I do have limited skills in the kitchen and there was that one time with the “breaded fish”…

IMG_4612  Paired with black tights & black booties.

As I was saying, I followed the directions, only adding a little interfacing to the front & back collar for structure. The pattern comes in three pieces and the directions are clear and simple. A great project for a novice sewist!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!! Enjoy your long weekend!



6 thoughts on “Cozy Cottage Dress

  1. T’exagère un peu! Tu t’habilles pour l’action de grâces, depuis quand ? Et mom’s cozy cottage for 20!’ Love you! You’re such a marketer Anti-lonely H Sent from my iPhone


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