Something old into something new

Rejuvenation has been the theme of the past couple weeks.

I’m thrilled to announced that Etienne proposed over Thanksgiving weekend and I, of course, said YES!! It was incredibly romantic; sitting on a cozy blanket on the dock by the lake, hot homemade cocoa in hand and my best friend on bended knee. It was also incredibly us in the sense that his proposal was made in a spot we both love, on a weekend we share with friends & family and with a vintage sapphire ring. Etienne chose a beautiful ring from the 1940s, a perfect choice with its understated elegance and sparkling sapphire stones.

ET & T engagement        Ring

The following weekend my old ankle tattoo was redesigned and rejuvenated into something new & beautiful. Over the past 15 years, I had tattooed little additions to a growing tattoo. I collected flowers, leafs and dare I say tribal designs (it was the 90’s!) with friends. They signified great memories with good friends but had created an awfully disorganized design mess on my left ankle. I spent Saturday night at Jessi Preston‘s Two Horses studio, where Jessi designed & tattooed a beautiful peacock & flowers over my tired and faded tattoo. I couldn’t be happier with the results!!


In keeping with renewing old art and because I remained home these past few days healing with my left leg propped up high on a cushion, I gave an old sweater a new life. I had purchased this cozy oversized leopard print sweater at Village des Valeurs a few years ago and she was beginning to look rather tired. I cut off the sleeves, separated the back and front and guided by the Burda Knit top/dress Sloper pattern, I redesigned her into this lovely fitted crew neck sweater.


IMG_5044  IMG_5042


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