Sweater Dress

I’m beginning to feel like the poster child for Burda’s Knit Dress Sloper pattern. I just can’t stop making this design!


I made this number with the fabric pieces I bought from Norwegian Wood designer Angie Johnson‘s studio sale. Johnson has recently relocated from Montréal to California and sold some beautiful fabrics at extremely generous prices. Thank you, Angie!! (below pic, @VieDomestique & I)

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.57.30 PM      IMG_4986

I had purchased 4 pieces of 35″ x 28″ and used 3 to make this dress. I had to be smart in strategically planning out the print layout. Johnson said the fabric was made in Montréal by Tricots Capraro knitting. We believe the pieces are a cotton blend with acrylic and spandex. My mom touched the dress and said, “Ooh,  feels like terry cloth!” I think that’s means she loves it & agrees it’ll keep me warm this winter 🙂

IMG_4998 IMG_5041



4 thoughts on “Sweater Dress

  1. Omg. J’ai ma photo sur ton blog, c’est la consécration 😉

    Good job pour la robe, elle est top! Je peux pas croire comment t’es productive. Je crois que je t’as sorti 3 morceaux et je suis encore sur la même robe cauchemardesque.

    1. You’ve agree (locked in!) to help me make my wedding dress- our friendship was already official 🙂

      Awww, merci for the kind words! Yeah, working with the sections wasn’t easy but I’m pleased the placement of the prints worked out nicely.
      I can’t wait to see this dress that has caused so much blood, sweat and tears!! Courage, ma talentueuse amie!! Tu vas réussir et ça va être magnifique!!!

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