The Blue Barron Shirt

Liam Barron, Etienne’s best friend, recently moved away for the year. Our friend and talented chef has set out cooking his way throughout Australia for the greater part of his trip. He then plans on exploring South East Asia for a few months. We had the pleasure of hosting Liam for a couple months before his took off, and he left me with some great hand-me-downs. I’ve lucked out as Liam has nice style. I’ve already drafted a few ideas for several of the pieces of clothing he left me and the first one here is made with an old denim shirt. I call her the Blue Barron Shirt 🙂

I followed similar steps I had applied to last week’s sweater deconstruction to refashion this men’s denim button up. I started by separating the front and back and cut off the sleeves. I then used this Burda pattern for size gauging and then drafted the front collar myself. I kept the sleeves long but loose enough for the option to roll them up. I’ll admit that I got a little lazy with the collar and opted to do without interfacing. The structure of the denim compensated well for my laziness, however I did insert interfacing to the bottom hem which has given it a clean structured finish, noticed especially when worn closed.

I have a few more shirts and many T-shirts….got any ideas? I’m thinking of mixing in another type of fabric for the next one. Thoughts?


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