Koftochkas (Sewing-It-Forward)

Kofta is sweater in Russian. This week, I turned large sweaters into smaller ones. I call these Koftochkas!

Every Wednesday, I host an art session at a local women’s shelter. It’s a two-hour period for the women to pause in the middle of their afternoon and participated in mindful artist activity. I believe that creating something, be it painting or needlework or any other sort of creation, allows for the expression of our emotions and is filled with therapeutic and self-healing rewards. The workshops are run rather informally and are open to whomever is interested, no sign up. Just come & sit, either to paint, draw, collage or needlepoint and engage in good conversation. Good music always helps set the tone; a mix of Bob Marley and Ella Fitzgerald have become our weekly soundtrack. I started this program last winter with the hopes of eventually turning it into a sewing workshop; build self-esteem by fashioning a dress strategy. More sewing machines are needed for this phase of the program.

Last week, Lady E who runs the “boutique”, a large display closet for all the donations received, complimented me on my refashion leopard sweater. Lady E challenged me to turn three large sweaters that she hadn’t been able to find homes for into beautiful and fashionable ones for deserving new owners.

I dissembled the sweaters like I had with my leopard sweater project. I removed the sleeves and separated the front from the back by cutting the shoulder and side seams. I used a Burda knit top pattern as a guide for size and shape, but adjusted the pattern for each sweater in order to keep the original collars, cuffs and bottom hems.

I’m happy with how they turned out and excited to see who picks them up next week! #SewingItForward


10 thoughts on “Koftochkas (Sewing-It-Forward)

  1. What a bright idea ! Do you think of doing a step by step tutorial ? That would be awesome, I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use that 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂 and yes, I will certainly do that with the next batch of sweaters. I’ll do a instructional step-by-step photo tutorial and see how that goes.

      I really appreciate your interest, thanks again! 🙂

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