The 3-inning pants

Two weeks ago, I tried my hand at the Burda Leggings Sloper pattern. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out especially considering, aside from the boxers for the boys, I had never made pants. I expected a successful process given the simplicity of Burda’s Sloper patterns but I didn’t expect it to take so little time. I made these during the first 3 innings of final game of the World Series! These basic patterns are designed to be a clear and adaptable templates for sewists to elaborate and make them their own. My version is pretty basic. I used a four-way stretch thick charcoal brown knit, a pretty tame yet versatile choice so I can easily pair them with flats and a long blouse or sweater. I can wear them day or night and even to work (Maud & Nat, you happy now?)


Burda’s own designer and sewist Megan fashioned together a creative version of the leggings where she panelled together leather and mesh. I love them and they have inspired some ideas of my own. I’m thinking something floral, I’m seeing perhaps some lace ….

Meg hosts a web seminar this week where she shares tips and techniques of how best you can use the Sloper patterns and make them your own!


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