The St-Michael’s Dress/Tunic (Sewing-It-Forward)

My 6th Sewing-It-Forward outfit!

As soon as Lady E handed me this size 18, 100% acrylic St Michael’s dress, I knew it had a potential of becoming something wearable and dare I say- stylish. I love paisley print so immediately knew I could create something cool. Unfortunately, my sweater dress idea was quickly squashed when I found a palm-sized shredding moth hole mid-thigh. I felt that patching would look odd on top of the print so I opted to create a sweater tunic instead. I am 5’8″ so this number could probably easily work as a mini dress for a smaller woman.


The dress had a loose elastic sewn into the waist line which I tightened giving a nice shape to the bodice. I dropped this outfit to the shelter’s boutique yesterday along with the Grazia pieces. I’m excited to see who picks this one out.

Now what to do with the remaining 6-ish inches of paisley fabric…


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