1982 Miniskirt

Being a child of the 80s, I was lucky enough to have owned a bedazzler machine. I bedazzled a lot things: T-shirts, hats, bags and jeans. I was younger than Molly Ringwald from Pretty In Pink, far too young for a sewing machine then but just old enough to put studs and sequins on anything and everything. You name it, it had sparkles on it. My apologies to my brothers, whose clothes weren’t spared. This is why I was so excited when my friend Kerstin challenged me to refashion this colourful and sparkly sweater into something “cool and wearable”. I immediately saw the potential for cool but I was a little apprehensive for the wearable part of her challenge. Even after refashioning this piece, would I even choose to it pull out closet for a night out?  I wasn’t convinced but I accepted the challenge. 5$ later, it was mine. Later that week, I was showing the pieces I had picked up at Renaissance to my lady friend Mandy and she suggested I make a skirt from the piece Kerstin had chosen.

Before & After
Before & After

Of course, I thought, a miniskirt would work really well! I began to stitch-rip some of the sequins off. I began with the yellow, telling myself that it was the most problematic colour on the piece. Yet, after removing all the yellow, it was still unbearable to look at. Off went the blue… and then some green. By this point, only a few pink flowers with a little green were left on the front and the back. I cut the sleeves off  (they are awaiting a project of their own) and redesigned the bodice into a skirt using my Tashenka dress pattern. I lined the skirt with a thin stretch organic black cotton since the sweater material became too sheer when stretched. I inserted a 1″ elastic to the waistband and hemmed the bottom- voilà, a pretty little miniskirt made from a sweater that was probably loved by some girl in the 80s!


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