5-foot Baseball themed Advent Calendar

I took a mini break from sewing clothes to make my fiancé a 5.5′ X 4′ wall hanging advent calendar. Etienne’s mother gifts both him and his twin brother Jules a Lindt calendar every December. Etienne loves the tradition and enjoys the daily dose of delicious chocolate he gets throughout the month of December.

My intention wasn’t to replace a cherished family tradition but to build upon it… and I know my man can handle two advent calendars. I wanted to sew something that he would love, aside from boxers and pjs, and create something we could use every year as we make our own little traditions. We’ve opted out of getting a tree in the past, deciding that we’ll do that one day when we have children. Decorating the tree was and still is one of my favourite holidays memories and it’s something I definitely look forward to do again.


This calendar took a little time to piece together along with a whole lot of patience! Twenty-four little pocket boxes to hold the chocolates and twenty-five baseball snowballs, bah! It all started with a 14$ red cotton/polyester 52″X72″ from Target. I had some green shiny super hero material left over from Ryder’s Super Elmo cape which made for a fantastic tree.

Etienne loves baseball and plays on a softball team. Luckily, I had some pieces of baseball themed fabric from shorts I made him earlier this year. The tree trunk is made from wooden baseball bat fabric and of course the snowballs are baseballs. I strung up some lights to tie it all together and voilà- the countdown to the holidays is on!


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