Gold Braided Miniskirt

I bought this gold braided cable knit sweater the same day I picked up the sequined sweater. Price tag said $7, reduced to $4 as the cashier & I noticed a little hole on the side. This was no inconvenience to me as I had already  planned on taking her apart. Actually having the hole near a side seam as oppose to center was no trouble at all.

Before and After.
Before and After.

I removed the sleeves and the front bodice from the back. I used the bottom section of my Tashenka pattern for the shape, paying close attention to placement in order to utilize the original bottom hem. The fabric began to fray a little so I used an over-edge stitch around the top hem, mimicking an overlock, before folding and sewing the hem in and finally inserting an elastic waistband. And voilà, a gold knit mini ready for the parties over the holidays!

Stay tuned to see what becomes of those sleeves…

I have received a few messages regarding tutorials and step-by-step instructions on the refashioning projects. Thank you for your interest and these tutorials will be coming soon!


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