Gold Strapless Minidress

Last weekend, I deconstructed and refashioned an old thrift store gold knit sweater into a sexy little mini skirt. I was so pleased with the results that I’m currently taking apart a few of my older brother’s cast off sweaters. No large sweater is safe now!

I love idea of up-cycling and giving old clothes new life, not to mention how economical and eco-friendly the whole process is. I must use all the pieces of these items but what does one do with just the sleeves? I had a few people put forth some great suggestions- leg warmers were something I considered and then there’s always the easy go-to of piecing together a little clutch. I couldn’t decide so I opened the sleeves up, cutting out the seams, to have a better look at how much fabric I had to work with. I was in need of a dress for my staff holiday party tonight so I manipulated the remaining fabric and made it fit, more or less, to my Tashenka dress pattern. I inserted an elastic to the top hem of the gold knit portion for it to hold well. Before sewing the top to the bottom of black stretch knit fabric, I inserted a 0.5″ elastic to the bottom hem of the gold knit top to bring in the waistline for a sexy silhouette. And voilà, I present you my chic lil’ work Christmas party dress!


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