Spiderboy Shorts

Two weeks ago, my brothers gifted me a brand new Singer and in return I made them Thank You Superhero shorts with a Spiderman sheet I found at the Salvation Army. Another adorable redhead was a fan of the shorts and he, being a true Spiderboy, needed a pair of his own!

It was only after promising Spidey’s mom Julia that I’d make him a pair that I realized and freaked that I didn’t have enough remaining fabric. I, unlike Spiderboy Felix, don’t have any super power moves so I had to dig through my fabric stash and get a little more creative. I used some of Etienne’s baseball print fabric for the backs as I only had enough Spidey for the front. I feel like it fit the colour scheme and American theme of Spiderman quite nicely. Since I was working with this little piece of valuable Spiderman fabric, I decided to test out Dana Willard’s pattern first with some other fabric. I chose some soft red & black fleece for the back and pigs for the front- and voilà, a perfect fit for a boy with an enlightened globe-trotting mom and bearded-chef dad!


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