Gifts from the County #1 (Camo dress)

My brother Cassady is a sommelier and had been working at the Norman Hardie Vineyard in Prince Edward County, Ontario this past summer and fall. He came home after the harvest and gifted me a whole slew of random pieces of clothing. Most of which are XL camo and were clearly picked and purchased with his sister in mind. Duh! How did he know that come fall I secretly double as a large burly hunter? I considered it a challenge and happily accepted the gifts. i chose to tackle this lovely Ducks Unlimited Canada two piece XL polyester number first. It has a cozy soft interior and the exterior is a special leaves/branches camo motif. I removed the sleeves as it was just too much camo for this girl to handle. I created new fitted sleeves with a 4-way stretch dark brown knit and took in a few inches from the bodice. I wanted to make a mini-dress/tunic, easy to pair with skinny jeans or leggings, so I added a few inches of black & red soft fleece to the bottom- and voilà, a cozy-fleecy-weekend-at-the-cottage outfit!

I’m still reconsidering the collar- too keep or not to keep? I’m considering cutting the top, armpits upward, and replacing it with some more dark brown knit. I feel that widening the collar into a boat-neck would soften the outfit a little, but can one really soften up this camouflage? Up next on the chopping block, the pants!


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