Sweater for the Shop (S-I-F)

Happy New Year!!

I hope your holiday break was as lovely and restful as mine. I had intended on doing a lot of sewing once exams were done and the clinic closed for the break but then my niece Ella came to town. All projects were put on the back-burner so I could spend time with the adorable silly bean. Santa was particularly kind to me this year, among my fantastic gifts was a slew of carefully selected thrift store rescues from my mother. Among these relics was an ’80s (I’m guessing) Italian (again, guessing) satin wedding dress.  It’s going to be a fun year!

Before & After
Before & After

Lady E handed me a bunch of soft and comfortable sweaters at the beginning of December. She asked that I refashion them like the previous set because no one was interested in these outdated and oversized knits. This white with red flowers Sentiments sweater is the first of many to come. Voiià, my first Sewing-It-Forward project of 2015, another little sweater ’cause baby, it’s cold outside!

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Tutorial to come as promised with the next sweater refashioning.


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