Homemade Lace Lingerie

Last week, I had the pleasure of catching up with my friend and fellow sewist Mlle Vie Domestique. Amidst the beers and laughs we shared, we discussed the possibility of collaborating on hosting Do-It-Yourself workshops. Among the dozen ideas we brainstormed that evening, facilitating a session on hand-stitching your own lingerie became a fast favourite. Perhaps a themed workshop for Valentine’s!?

Later that night, fuelled by a mild buzz and a surge of inspiration, I dug out some stretchy red lace I got off fabric.com last summer and got down to work. I picked out a short nightdress from my closet and using its shape I drafted a pattern template. I cut the lace to my pattern- three pieces, a heart-shaped front, a straight back and an extra section of the front top portion to serve as a bust lining. I hand-stitched the bust portions together. I made small tight stitches in order to give the edges a ruffled texture. I enjoy hand-stitching but to save on time I opted to use my sewing machine for the side seams and back-top & bottom hems. I initially thought of using red bra straps but decided to use lace strips instead. I feel the lace straps gives the lingerie a seamless and polished look. Voilà, my homemade lingerie!

I believe a camisole or bra version of this number would be fun for a D-I-Y Valentine’s Day workshop, what do you think?


3 thoughts on “Homemade Lace Lingerie

  1. I’ve been making my own silk bikini underpants, from remnants of beautiful silk I was gifted from a friend, and using my store-bought bikinis for a pattern and making changes as I desired. They are super-comfy and so much more breathable than the cheap store-bought ones I usually wear. My interest now is to make my own bras, but I haven’t had the courage to plunge into a full-on, complicated bra with all the seams and boning and latex attachments, etc. I would really like to develop a pattern that is fairly simple and doesn’t require the boning, etc. Your red-lace nighty/slip turned out really cute!

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