DIY Faux Fur Scarf (Tutorial)

Last summer, my mother, Vie Domestique & I scored some beautiful fabrics at Norwegian Wood‘s Montréal studio liquidation sale. I picked up some very unique pieces of fabric, most of which I have yet to use. This 70″ X 20″ piece of beautiful light brown faux fur has been tempting me ever since the weather dropped below -30C.

I had no pattern or plan but I had seen some cute & simple DIYs working with faux fur. Anna from PlanB‘s idea of making a tube-like scarf caught my eye but I didn’t think it suited my personal style. I also thought Create-Enjoy‘s version of the infinity scarf was nice but I didn’t think it would work with the weight of my faux fur. I felt like a classic wrap collar scarf would be something I’d wear and love, so I decided to seize the little sewing time I’ve had these days and make something elegant & cozy inspired by some beautiful Russian sable fur scarves I’ve come to admire.

FullSizeRender (7)


  • 30″ X 20″ (approx.) of soft faux fur (if your faux fur doesn’t pass the shedding on black fabric test, I recommend to pre-wash it in cold water and hang to dry- they can shed)
  • A button- I chose a 2″ faux gold. My faux fur deserved some faux gold!
  • Regular sewing supplies (needle, thread & scissors) * This project can be done by hand but I used a sewing machine*


I apologize in advance for the lack of photos- photographing the fur was difficult, few details were visible so I’ve drawn some simple step by step diagrams to go with the written instructions.

Tashenka's instructions for DIY faux fur scarf
Tashenka’s instructions for DIY faux fur scarf

Step one: Cut your fabric into a 30″ x 20″ rectangle.

Step two: Fold rectangle along the long fold giving you a 30″ x 10″ folded piece, with right sides facing (the two fur sides facing each other, *you’re looking at the wrong sides).

Step three: Pin the long side together, keeping both short edges open.

Step four: Now sew along the long side you’ve just pinned. You’ll have a tube at the end of this step.

Step five: Turn the fabric right sides out (you’ll be flipping the tube inside out, fur now on the outside, hiding your just sewn seam).

Step six: Flip the edges of one of the short sides inwards approx. 1″. Basically, you’re tucking the raw edge inside the tube. Now with the edge tucked in, pin & then sew the opening closed. This gives the end a nice finished look. Repeat this step on the other side.

Step seven: You’re nearly done! Now try on your almost finished scarf to decide on button placement. I designed mine to have the hidden long inseam resting on my shoulders and the folded edge along my neck. I wanted mine to be a little snug, wrapping up and around my neck nicely- elegant but also practical for this Montréal winter. Mark where you want the button hole to be placed, which will be on the top flap (the flap that goes on top of the bottom flap) and the actual button will be sewn to the bottom flap, mark this spot with pins.

Step eight: Depending on the size of the button you’ve chosen, you now need to make a slit measuring the length of your button (mine was 2″). Cut a slit into both layers of the top flap. You can either stitch the edges of the button hole by hand or machine. I’ll admit, machine is always faster but by hand might be easier as the fur makes seeing the slit very difficult. (for more details on how to sew a buttonhole, please see: sewing a button hole by machine or by hand)

Step nine: Sew your button onto the bottom flap.

Step ten: Voilà! Put her on and button her up, your scarf is finished!


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