My Bowie Pants

My Bowie Pants! This past month, I had the opportunity to learn how to make made-to-measure leggings from the lovely & talented Montreal based designer, blogger & sewist, Heather Lou. Heather hosted a two weekend- Sunday afternoons for 3 hours each- DIY legging workshop at Fripe Fabrique, a boutique and do it yourself atelier. (Psst, they also sell online). Michelle, FF’s owner, has a beautiful set of Singer sewing machines for her sewing DIY workshops. After the shop had closed, Michelle transformed her adorable boutique into the perfect studio space for us to learn about knits, measuring ourselves to create our own pattern and make made-to-measure leggings.

Heather began by taking us through the basics. This was especially fun for me as I have never taken a proper sewing class. I had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions. I discovered a slew of things I’ve been doing incorrectly when it comes to working with knits and stretchy fabrics. I have been using the wrong needle (ballpoint or stretch needles only), that I must invest a couple of my pennies into a walking foot, how to properly gauge the stretch content a given fabric and what is a “grain-line”- just to name a few.  Heather also shared a video with us on how sewing machines work- mind-blown!

We measured ourselves and plotted our measurements on the pattern. We used Cake Patterns Espresso leggings N5555 – a genius design as it really takes into account how we are of all different shapes and sizes. Aside from the usual measurements of waist, thigh circumference and leg length, we measured our front and back rises-these are key measurements to creating the perfect fitted legging. I made mine using a 4-way stretch gold polyester with 5% lycra. And voilà, I call them my Bowie Pants!


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