Regal in Red

This week I transformed this thrift-store Burgundy velour set into a Nettie top and a self-drafted high-waisted pencil skirt. Was this set originally a track suit or some regal hunting gear? Your guess is as good as mine!

Before & After
Before & After

I picked up this Balaban (made in Canada) two piece sweatsuit, 100% polyester stretch velour- size 26, at the Salvation army a few weeks back. The cashier had given me an odd look when I placed the set on the counter. Really? This outfit? I explained that I was going to refashion it into something (hopefully) wearable. She gave me the Good-Luck-With-That discount and marked it down from 7$ to 4$. Woohoo!

I used the top part of the suit to make a Closet Case Nettie.  Since I was working around the original seams and had a limited amount of fabric I opted out of creating a bodysuit (what the pattern is originally designed for) and made a top version instead. I took apart the pants and made myself a self-drafted high-waisted stretch pencil skirt. I deconstructed an old Pink Floyd tshirt into a tank thinking that it would pair well with the skirt. And voilà, I’m feeling pretty regal in my new clothes.

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