My Nakagami Etole (hooded shawl)

Tuesday night is game night for Etienne. He heads over to the board-game café and enjoys a few rounds of Netrunner, leaving to my own devices, mainly a couple glasses of wine, a few episodes of Scandal & a sewing project. Last night I tried the first pattern from my new favourite sewing book. I made the Elope from Japanese pattern designer Kazue Nakagami’s Coudre en ligne droite: rectangles & carreés (Straight line sewing). A book I discovered from Yifarn’s site. I searched everywhere for a copy of this fantastic book and ended up ordering it from a online bookstore from France. It took nearly two months to arrive and I was ecstatic when it finally did.  I have a deep love for clean simple designs and have naturally fallen in love with Japanese designers,  Yuko Takada, Yoshiko Tsukiori & Noriko Sasahara, to name a few.

image1 (7)

I chose Nakagami’s fur hooded etole (shawl/cape). I made mine with some plaid wool and the hood from brown faux-fur I up-cycled from an old coat I picked up at the Salvation Army over the holidays.  It’s very warm and perfect for this in-between-winter and spring weather. And voilà, the perfect wrap for this cold Québec April – I feel especially badass walking the dog late at night in this number!

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