Baby Leggings

Warning- this post has the potential to speed up your baby ticker!

Last Thursday, I tried my hand at making knit baby leggings after I came across GoToSew’s free baby legging pattern. The pattern comes in two pieces with eight simple steps to follow. I made a pair for my little sister Lhasa from an old tunic dress and another pair for my niece Ella with the remnants of adorable elephant knit fabric. The results were nothing short of adorable. This is the perfect project for all the left over ends and small pieces of stretchy knit fabric you have saved but have yet to use. What to do with 15″ x 10″ pieces? Baby leggings!  The pattern seems to side on the larger size,  which is great as they will grow into them but you may want to tighten your elastic waistband measurements for a slightly snugger fit.

Friday evening, I popped open a delicious bottle of Les Jumelles Sauvignon blanc and caught up on my long list of you-had-a-baby-last-fall-and-I’m-a-shitty-friend gifts! I upcycled this $4 J Crew cotton/spandex anchor skirt into some adorable attire for a small fleet and voilà, leggings for Lhasa, Miles, Kai, Charlie & Rocky- the cutest little sailors!

Anchor skirt into sailor leggings.
Anchor skirt into sailor leggings.

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