Whirlaway Dress Upcycles

This morning, I upcycled a large Whirlaway Frocks’ purple paisley stretch polyester dress into a pair of leggings and a strapless top! I picked this number up last week at Montréal thrift-store Eva B for 10$.  All I needed was a little imagination, the new Van Morrison album & a cup of coffee and voilà, I have sweet top to wear today! Perhaps not to be worn together- maybe Amsterdam in the 90s…? I’m wearing the top today tucked into some high waisted jeans!

Before & After
Before & After
What I'm wearing today ;)
What I’m wearing today 😉

6 thoughts on “Whirlaway Dress Upcycles

  1. Curious, if the fabric from the dress is cotton woven, how did you get the leggings to work…without the stretch of knit? Are there closures like a back zipper? This is so adorable!
    ~~fellow DIY,vintage upcycling, seamstress.

    1. Thanks, Ivy!! It’s a stretch polyester. My thrift-store search-system is first with my hands, pulling at all the fabrics and then selecting from the stretchy ones according to colour and print 😉

      1. That makes sense! I do the same and don’t even realize it. Despite having six kids and turning 40 this year I’m the same size as you. However, I have an abdominal hernia I’m very conscious about, so I wear baggy clothes to cover it. It drives my bf nuts. After following your blog, I’m tempted to make more fitted attire. 😊

      2. I hear you about the self-conscious aspect but it sounds like you have Mr Right supporting you nicely and rightly so. But it always comes down to whatever makes you feel the most confident and comfortable. There are some great patterns out there that will show off that beautiful figure of yours while still providing you the coverage you’d want in the abdominal area, allowing you to feel your best.
        Thanks for sharing, Ivy!!

    1. Awww, thanks!! Yeah, I felt the same way when I went through the photos. Now I need to find myself a suitable party to wear it out to…. 🙂

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