Shangri La Floral Scarf Upcyle

Two months ago, I attended my first clothing-swap party hosted by the lovely & talented Montréal-based designer Heather Lou. I was so touched to be included and I still can’t believe, at 32, this was my first clothing-swap party. Me? A lover of clothes and upcycling aficionado? What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than meeting new ladies and getting to exchange treasured-but-destined-for-goodwill pieces of clothing. It was honestly as though we invited the best part of the fripperie into her living room, along with fun anecdotes about the pieces and a spread of tasty treats!

I picked up half a dozen great pieces that day. One of which was this cute Nancy Bracoloni for Shangri La scarf dress. Karen said she never wore it and I couldn’t understand why not but when I got home later that afternoon, I realized I would never either. How could something look so cute on a hanger but look so wrong on a body. It was a pretty yet very unflattering floral sailor dress. This number was difficult to upcycle as there was too little fabric to work with. I removed the bottom scarf portion from the skirt, double folded the raw edge and inserted an elastic string. And voilà, a pretty simple scarf blouse! I’ll use the remaining black chiffon as lining for some upcoming sheer projects.

Tashenka upcycle dress to scarf-blouse
Tashenka upcycle, dress to scarf-blouse

One thought on “Shangri La Floral Scarf Upcyle

  1. Ha! The fabric is so beautiful…but whatever was the designer thinking with all that upside down triangular pieces?!! Its so awkward and strange! You did an amazing job…now it looks like a boho chic top 😊

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