About Tashenka

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Welcome to my sewing space!

My name is Natasha. Tashenka to my mother & family.
I enjoy sewing clothes that I love to wear.
And I only learnt how to use my Singer in the spring of 2013.

I’m a full time psychology student and a part-time nurse, however within that tightly packed schedule I have found time to explore a skill that I love and enjoy. My mother sews beautifully. As a child, I remember watching her create beautiful outfits, wonderful costumes and all sorts of things from curtains to baby burp rags. I was in awe of the entire process- from the selection of fabrics, to piecing & pinning it in place and then pulling it all together with the sewing machine. I never did participate much beyond assisting with fabric selection and piecing patterns together, the experience provided me with a love & respect for all things handmade. It was my cousin Nika’s husband Mike, a true Renaissance man, jack of all trades & master of many, who sat down with me & my gifted Singer 247 and showed me how to sew a straight stitch-  and that was all it took! I was thrilled as I was then able to use the beautiful gifted vintage 1964 Singer Featherweight from Etienne’s mother.

I have always admired beautiful clothes, especially garments that compliment a woman’s body shape perfectly. My designs focus on the true waistline, highlighting the beauty of our natural curves.

This site is a space where I can share my firsts (many of which were not so pretty), the improvement & growth over the year and all of the outfits & creations to come.

I hope you enjoy!



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