Hosting a contest.

I opened the TumTum & TukTuk Etsy shop last month!

I would like to thank everyone for their support by hosting a fun contest on the TumTum & TukTuk facebook page. It has been an incredible amount of work but definitely worthwhile and always fun! We’d like to show you our gratitude this holiday season by hosting a contest. The winner receives two free matching pairs of leggings, either for two special little ones or for yourself and a special little one in your life!

The contest begins today and closes November 25th at 23h30
Check out the TumTum & TukTuk FB page for the latest updates and items available in the shop! Please feel free to share the contest details with your friends whom you think would want to partake 😉

Good luck!!




I’m back from another blog hiatus with yet again some absolutely wonderful news! Etienne & I welcomed our son Émile to the world on February 5th, 2016!! I am head over heels in love with our little Émile and thoroughly enjoying motherhood.

Émile is a happy, healthy and beautiful blond baby, as you can see from the photos below. He is modelling the test leggings I’ve been making this past month. Talk about the best laid plans never panning out exactly how you plan them, eh!? My etsy shop was set to open last summer and we are only now just getting close to launching. Stay tuned for more on that, along with some fun upcycle projects I have to share with you all shortly. That’s all for now 🙂 Happy Spring!!

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Little Dress for Little Ella

The third installment from my shibori dyed fabric is a little Tashenka dress for my little niece Ella. I had to alter the original Tashenka design as babies have bellies (convex waist, not concave!). The dress is tiny as Ella is 4.5 months old and it was a pleasure to make as I love her and it took me no time. Talk about getting a quick boost from such simple productivity!

photo 1-2    photo 2-2

photo 1    photo 3-2

Funny how the ambient lighting changes the color changes so much. The fabric on the floor is with natural morning light. 2nd photo was lit with indoor lamp lighting.

photo 2

photo 4

photo 3

Lesson learned on this project:

Babies heads are very large in proportion to their bodies! I have no children as yet but geez, you’d think a nurse would have picked up on this important detail! Her mother Nika snipped a slit and altered the oval collar into a lovely deep v-neck.

photo 5