Hosting a contest.

I opened the TumTum & TukTuk Etsy shop last month!

I would like to thank everyone for their support by hosting a fun contest on the TumTum & TukTuk facebook page. It has been an incredible amount of work but definitely worthwhile and always fun! We’d like to show you our gratitude this holiday season by hosting a contest. The winner receives two free matching pairs of leggings, either for two special little ones or for yourself and a special little one in your life!

The contest begins today and closes November 25th at 23h30
Check out the TumTum & TukTuk FB page for the latest updates and items available in the shop! Please feel free to share the contest details with your friends whom you think would want to partake 😉

Good luck!!




I’m back from another blog hiatus with yet again some absolutely wonderful news! Etienne & I welcomed our son Émile to the world on February 5th, 2016!! I am head over heels in love with our little Émile and thoroughly enjoying motherhood.

Émile is a happy, healthy and beautiful blond baby, as you can see from the photos below. He is modelling the test leggings I’ve been making this past month. Talk about the best laid plans never panning out exactly how you plan them, eh!? My etsy shop was set to open last summer and we are only now just getting close to launching. Stay tuned for more on that, along with some fun upcycle projects I have to share with you all shortly. That’s all for now 🙂 Happy Spring!!

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Baby Leggings

Warning- this post has the potential to speed up your baby ticker!

Last Thursday, I tried my hand at making knit baby leggings after I came across GoToSew’s free baby legging pattern. The pattern comes in two pieces with eight simple steps to follow. I made a pair for my little sister Lhasa from an old tunic dress and another pair for my niece Ella with the remnants of adorable elephant knit fabric. The results were nothing short of adorable. This is the perfect project for all the left over ends and small pieces of stretchy knit fabric you have saved but have yet to use. What to do with 15″ x 10″ pieces? Baby leggings!  The pattern seems to side on the larger size,  which is great as they will grow into them but you may want to tighten your elastic waistband measurements for a slightly snugger fit.

Friday evening, I popped open a delicious bottle of Les Jumelles Sauvignon blanc and caught up on my long list of you-had-a-baby-last-fall-and-I’m-a-shitty-friend gifts! I upcycled this $4 J Crew cotton/spandex anchor skirt into some adorable attire for a small fleet and voilà, leggings for Lhasa, Miles, Kai, Charlie & Rocky- the cutest little sailors!

Anchor skirt into sailor leggings.
Anchor skirt into sailor leggings.

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Gifts from the County #2 (Running Pants)

While Etienne constructed our wedding website last night, I transformed some hand-me-down micro-fleece thermal pants my brother Cassady gifted me last fall into some cool running tights. Cassady is a sommelier at the Norman Hardie winery during the summers and enjoys shopping at their local Giant Tiger. Hence my heinous gift.  I refashioned the top to this stunning Ducks Unlimited Canada hunting sweatsuit last December into a tunic/minidress but wasn’t confident in my pants-making abilities at the time to attempt anything with the bottom of the outfit. That all changed when I took a legging sewing class with Heather Lou last month and learned some fun new skills. I up-cycled these large mens camo sweatpants in some pretty (tight) running pants. The fabric allows for just enough stretch for them to work as running pants. Perfect as I prep in this extended winter of ours for the Montréal half-marathon! A little creativity + a little light snow + the espresso leggings pattern by Cake Patterns = And voilà, fantastic cosy running pants!


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My Bowie Pants

My Bowie Pants! This past month, I had the opportunity to learn how to make made-to-measure leggings from the lovely & talented Montreal based designer, blogger & sewist, Heather Lou. Heather hosted a two weekend- Sunday afternoons for 3 hours each- DIY legging workshop at Fripe Fabrique, a boutique and do it yourself atelier. (Psst, they also sell online). Michelle, FF’s owner, has a beautiful set of Singer sewing machines for her sewing DIY workshops. After the shop had closed, Michelle transformed her adorable boutique into the perfect studio space for us to learn about knits, measuring ourselves to create our own pattern and make made-to-measure leggings.

Heather began by taking us through the basics. This was especially fun for me as I have never taken a proper sewing class. I had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions. I discovered a slew of things I’ve been doing incorrectly when it comes to working with knits and stretchy fabrics. I have been using the wrong needle (ballpoint or stretch needles only), that I must invest a couple of my pennies into a walking foot, how to properly gauge the stretch content a given fabric and what is a “grain-line”- just to name a few.  Heather also shared a video with us on how sewing machines work- mind-blown!

We measured ourselves and plotted our measurements on the pattern. We used Cake Patterns Espresso leggings N5555 – a genius design as it really takes into account how we are of all different shapes and sizes. Aside from the usual measurements of waist, thigh circumference and leg length, we measured our front and back rises-these are key measurements to creating the perfect fitted legging. I made mine using a 4-way stretch gold polyester with 5% lycra. And voilà, I call them my Bowie Pants!

The 3-inning pants

Two weeks ago, I tried my hand at the Burda Leggings Sloper pattern. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out especially considering, aside from the boxers for the boys, I had never made pants. I expected a successful process given the simplicity of Burda’s Sloper patterns but I didn’t expect it to take so little time. I made these during the first 3 innings of final game of the World Series! These basic patterns are designed to be a clear and adaptable templates for sewists to elaborate and make them their own. My version is pretty basic. I used a four-way stretch thick charcoal brown knit, a pretty tame yet versatile choice so I can easily pair them with flats and a long blouse or sweater. I can wear them day or night and even to work (Maud & Nat, you happy now?)


Burda’s own designer and sewist Megan fashioned together a creative version of the leggings where she panelled together leather and mesh. I love them and they have inspired some ideas of my own. I’m thinking something floral, I’m seeing perhaps some lace ….

Meg hosts a web seminar this week where she shares tips and techniques of how best you can use the Sloper patterns and make them your own!